Monday 31 March 2008

Guess what? Don't worry! We've fixed it all.

On the news, this morning, a man stated that the inquiry in Cornwall Ontario concerning the sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests and by social services workers is like "asking an automobile manufacturer to do an inquiry into car problems from the 60s. Everything has changed. The problems have been fixed. Why waste all this money?"

And they wonder why there is still a problem. Outside of the sheer absurdity of comparing the destroyed lives of children to cars, there is the long term generational impact on those children's lives and the lives of everyone that they were associated with - including, but not limited to, their own children. This is not a problem with a quick fix - you can't just give these children pills that will take away the past - there's no faulty steering wheel to fix, no heating coil to replace, then everything will be as good as new. Flashbacks don't respond well to "fixing". Night terrors, fear of relationships, screwed up sexuality, drug addiction, alcoholism, and a host of little day to day little things that just won't go away forever. The worst of it might just be the loss of faith - the thing that leaves a great big hole where meaning is to be found.

Well, exactly what has changed?

Might I suggest a look at Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests ( or (

So. You know what is left out of the discourse????

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