Friday 7 April 2017

Very Interesting! Who knew that Steve Bannon was a conservative Roman Catholic?

This Is How Steve Bannon Sees The Entire World

Go to the end of the article and read the Corrections, then read the article, remembering the corrections - the last one is important, dare I say critical.

You can also just listen to the entire talk and Q & A instead of reading it.

It was a very interesting and informative read. I reposted it on my Facebook feed with the suggestion that people read it. It may help alleviate some people's fears and apocalyptic nightmares (may not!). As I said on my post the morning after the election - the world will not fall apart. However, it will be a little difficult to swallow for some time to come.

As for me, it just further reinforces the problems that I have with all American politics and global western/mid-eastern politics - too much religion. I have no use for "Judeo-Christian values". I have spent a lifetime ripping them apart. I am a "pull the mote out of your own eye first kinda gal".

I am a humanist - there is no God - there is just us.

Therefore, any appeal to "Judeo-Christian values" has no more appeal to me than the appeal to "real Islam - not violent, not jihadist, etc. etc."

It all posits that somehow following "God" or whatever he/she is called, means that you can justify anything that you do in the name of that deity. 

Any ideology - and religion is an ideology - is a problem because it separates us into "small and very large tribes" - how human beings solve that problem will await the future,.

As an endnote:

Who knew that Steve Bannon is a right-wing Roman Catholic (Opus Dei??) - makes sense though. 

John F. Kennedy's election gave us Steve Bannon - nobody worries about what brand of Christian you are anymore.

What it didn't give us was a woman in the White House.

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