Tuesday, 11 June 2013

No Advertising on This Blog

This is not a site where you can make comments and then advertise your own blog or any other thing.

The only time that I allow other blogs to be mentioned in comments is if they bear some relevance to the topic.

The sole exception is when I have posted music videos from YouTube that come with their own advertising segments - there is nothing that I can do about them.

Relevant previous blog: http://www.sheilaredmond.com/search?q=ads

Can't find the other one right now - will add a comment later.

I really do need to spend a couple of days and label all the blogs properly - I even printed out all the blogs in chronological order to facilitate that. Other things got in the way.

Hope everyone has a good summer.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Just thought I'd share another Slacktivist blog!

How patriarchy ‘calls into question the validity’ of a sacrament

I am extremely busy these days and moving my world around - it will probably be a while before I blog again on issues that the blog has focused on, but I'll drop by every now and then, when something gets brought to my attention.

So, parsing Pope Francis on sin and homosexuality.

 I seem to have missed putting this on the blog. Pope Francis says that homosexuality is not a crime but it is still a sin. Then he needed t...