Monday 16 October 2017

I Would Never Want To Go Back There

Just a longer response to a former student's "nothing will change", in her response to the Harvey Weinstein mess - the #MeToo hashtag and the MeToo Facebook postings. Need I say that she also was part of "MeToo".
If history and personal stories tell us one thing, it is that things do change. Sometimes it seems like it is for the worse, but in the case of sexual abuse and harassment of women, things are getting better - if only by millimetres.
The stories that I and my peers could tell about the "good old days" would remind everyone that they weren't that good - in fact, they were horrible, but even then there were always men who did the right thing.
Just one example. In the early 70s, I was working as a teller at National Trust in Montreal (St. Catherine's branch near Concordia (Sir George Williams at the time). I had one customer (dirty old man) who constantly harassed me - came to my till and made remarks, asked me out & wouldn't take no for an answer. I finally told the branch manager about him. The branch manager called the man into his office and told him in no uncertain terms to leave me alone (there was an or else in there as I was told). I was forever grateful to that manager - the man never came to my till again, nor did he harass anyone else in the bank - a small victory, but a victory nevertheless. Don't remember the manager's name, but I do remember his face. 
I only wish that all harassment outcomes went as well - I and every woman I know could certainly write more than one book!
History teaches us that for women, there is no such thing as the "good old days". Things were just hidden behind closed doors and we had little recourse. 
And I would never want to go back there.

My Tears Fall in Gratitude to the Man Who Made All the Difference in the World. Without him I do not know whether I would have survived as well as I did.

The last few months have been filled with deaths of people who have been important to me in my life's journey. While Neville Taylor died over 2 years ago, I just discovered his passing a few minutes ago, so my tears are fresh. I was not surprised because in the spring of 2013 when I was in Ottawa, I dropped by his office for a chat, it was clear that he was not well. I am so glad now that I did that - he had been a critical support for me and everyone in my family for over twenty years, and he knew that we were all doing well. He was unique and a model for the best that any therapist could be - he walked side by side with us through all the turmoils of our lives.As I let my sons and my ex know, we will all shed a few tears - in my case more than a few.
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Tuesday 10 October 2017

It's about time

The New York Times and Harvey Weinstein

Still can't believe that no-one brings up that 13 episode TV series Action. I have read all of these stories and keep going: "so the writers of Action were just writing a slightly disguised biographical miniseries" - it was obvious at the time to anyone paying attention (I suspect that Weinstein was - hence only 13 ep.). The series was vicious about how "Hollywood" operate(d)s.

Never mind, maybe there will be a revival.

Maybe, Trump's presidency will be good for one thing - more of these men are being called out publicly. If you can't get the CIC for sexual assaultl, maybe some of the other big 'uns can fall.

I just wish that people would take all of this seriously, all of the time.

There are people who try to tell it "Like it is" - few others really listen.

Just my 2 cents.

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