Tuesday 30 June 2009

Michael Jackson: the questions they ask

I don't not know how often students and other friends, acquaintances have asked but do you really think he had sex with those children.

Of course he did - he was a pedophile attracted to male children and he had sexual relations with them. (And no - this does not - I repeat, DOES NOT make him a homosexual) As with many pedophiles, he was sexually attracted to boys within a specific age range. Now that all the confidentiality agreements are null and void, there is going to be a lot of information coming out.
If you get the chance watch the BBC (or ITV) documentary on The Passionate Eye (CBC) from last Saturday night, it is quite interesting.

About the only thing that I can say is that the child who became Michael Jackson was certainly abused from childhood - just go to the Huffington Report and start reading the articles there. All of the horrors that were perpetrated on the Jackson Family's meal ticket (Michael) will be coming out of the closet. I was not surprised when the child abuse charges came out; nor was I surprised when the families were paid off ($20 million can buy a hell of a lot of therapy - in the one case that we have had information about).

And then what about Lisa Presley's children? From what I remember, her children were too young at the point when she left him to have interested him sexually. This would have left them with only good memories of a fun guy. Although who knows, but as far as the pattern goes, this should be the case.

His music was great; it was influential and innovative and worked with Quincy Jones - the best there is. I wasn't a particular fan but then there was lots of music in the 70s & 80s that I wasn't in love with. Give me the Ramones or Blondie, or the Eurythmics any day.

But Thriller always gave me the creeps - I understood why it was so mesmerising - and I was impressed. However, I remember thinking at the time that here is someone who wants to die or already thinks that he's dead. Minor plastic surgery had already been done - it was clear that he didn't like himself and wanted to be someone else - this is a recipe for disaster and disaster after disaster followed him - personal and in the wider society.

His children weren't even his own - does anyone talk about how horrible it must now be for them??? He wasn't their biological father (DUH!!!!!!!!!!); now it seems to be that his wife wasn't even their biological mother, only a surrogate.

He died alone; he had been running for the last 15 or so years trying to find a place to live; he became more bizarre by the year; he was despised by so many people and he was broke (which appears to be the reason that he agreed to this tour in the first place).

That has to be enough, since there is no hell. He is gone and there will be fewer sexually abused male children in the world. Amen


Anonymous said...

How dare you. You don't know that he abused anybody. Read the book that is just coming out, Michael Jackson unmasked. The author's objective in writing the book was to prove that Michael Jackson was a pedophile but guess what, he found out that just the opposite was true based on hundreds of interviews and other work he did on the book. Why is it that "Christians" are always the first to judge and the first to make disparaging statements about others. Shame on you.

Sheila Redmond said...

First, if you looked my profile, I think that I put "atheist" where it says religion. And if you read the content of the blog, that would become clear.

Second, anonymous, you should read my blog on Stigmas - that indicates my feelings about anonymity.

Third, let us wait until the dust settles - I'm willing to wager $5 that I am right. All those confidentiality agreements are now null and void.

Fourthly, watch the Michael Jackson documentary on The Passionate Eye (if you are Canadian). Lots of insight on the life of a sad sad man.

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