Friday 31 October 2014

And they say that there is no misogyny - tell us about it Mother Jones

Today is about Gamergate or How Science Explains #Gamergate
Tells us about it, Mother Jones
My son is part of ( whose members have all been doxxed. The slacker in my son meant that his information is out of date. The horrendous and vicious e-mails and comments are at the least unsettling, at the worst, criminal. If someone cares to find these people and put them behind bars the sooner, the better. The subtext for putting all this information out there is "we know where you live". As anyone who has been stalked knows, it can be terrifying.
This goes to the point - the viciousness has nothing to do with "ethics in video journalism" if is part of the attack, and is unacceptable in any event, for any other site. The GameCritics reviewers are all volunteer. They use an ad service and have some ads from software companies on their site (, american express are most recent ones that I have seen). For example, they do not take the luscious Microsoft packages to review games (in fact they were boycotted by Microsoft for years because of bad reviews). They are probably the MOST ethical video review site on the web. Full disclosure on games is on every review (in the instance at hand, whether they were sent the games free, whether they bought them themselves, etc.). Go visit the site & see for yourselves.
Some reviewers have taken games to task for their misogyny. That is probably the real reason for the attack. It has nothing to do with "ethics in journalism". That is just an excuse for a bunch of angry, disturbed people to cyber-stalk.
Well, at least it's not Jian again . However, the issue of vicious attacks on women is the same. Whether we like it or not, there is something deeply wrong in a society that fosters and protects (mostly) men who think that they have a right to abuse and attack women (real or avatars), and those who would defend women and their right to be fairly treated.

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