Thursday 14 May 2015

Update to blog post on May 11th, 2015: Boggles the mind

Omar Khadr should be declared adult offender, Ottawa to tell Supreme Court

Boggles the mind.

The Harper government just won't let it go. 

Boggles the mind, just boggles the mind!

Could we say that the Harper government has a hard-on for Khadr - way too much Viagra in their drinking water?

The Supreme Court of Canada has better things to do with its time. They have already given the government their response on cases against Khadr twice before. Do they really believe that it will be "third time lucky"?

Hope (or desperation) over experience. [So I really should get married a 3rd time? Not that that's relevant to the post, but ...]

I do not usually bring up the issue of wasting taxpayer money (too much of a rightwing rant about entitlements with which I, for the most part, don't agree), but the Harper government has spent $4.7 million on 15 court cases and lost every one.

See Conservatives spent more than $4.7 million fighting 15 losing court cases. They have already spent over a quarter of a million dollars on the previous 2 cases against Khadr and lost. How much are they going to waste this time?

This is bothering more than it would if I were not teaching the end of WW1, the Weimar Republic and the rise of the NSDAP this week and next week. The parallels bother me no end. 

Cumulative radicalization, I say, cumulative radicalization!

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